60 Short Love Stories

  1. Today, my dad came home with roses for my mom and I. “What are these for I asked?” He said that several of his coworkers were complaining about their wives and children today. He realized how lucky he was that after 20 years of marriage, and raising a daughter for the last 17 years, he still had nothing to complain about. 
  2. Today, when I asked my grandfather for some relationship advice, he said, “Honestly, the moment I stopped trying to find the right woman, and started trying to become the right man, your grandmother walked up to me and said, ‘Hello.’” 
  3. Today, it’s been 10 years since I told my best friend Diego that I wouldn’t be able to attend the prom with him because my family was struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t afford to buy me a ticket or a dress. Diego ended up buying me a dress and a ticket, and helping my folks out with money by helping my dad, who had been unemployed for six months, find a good job. Ten years, a marriage, and one kid later, Diego still .
  4. Today, on our 50th wedding anniversary, my husband took out an old envelope and handed me back the love note I wrote him in the 7th grade. 
  5. Today, it’s been over ten years since I was a bag boy at a local grocery store. On Sunday mornings I held the front door open for our customers and greeted them. One particular older woman loved me for it. She actually told me on several occasions that one day I would make a lovely husband. This afternoon, I walked into that grocery store holding my wife’s hand and the same old woman was on her way out. She held the door for us, winked and said, “I told you so.” 
  6. Today, my wife and I sat down and watched the same movie at the same time. Despite being 9,000+ miles apart overseas on active duty, I felt likeshe was sitting right by me and I suddenly didn’t feel so alone. 
  7. Today, it’s been five years since I adopted a puppy from a high kill shelter that had no time left. Since then I have developed a moderate case of a neurological disease that causes seizures. Believe it or not, the dog is able to detect my seizures before I know. She starts barking hysterically, and keys me into my episode before it starts. So today she is my service dog. The life I saved is saving me every day 
  8. Today, it’s been 28 years since a firefighter saved my life when he rescued me from a burning condo building. In the process he suffered a leg injury that doctors said would leave him unable to walk normally for life. This evening, he put down his cane and slowly walked our daughter down the aisle. My husband of 27 years always .
  9. Today, I finally stopped being foolish and called an old best friend I hadn’t talked to in over a year. He singlehandedly got me threw one of the toughest times of my life, and in my depression I lashed out at him and dropped him from my life for selfish reasons. He answered the phone with: “Ready to pick up where we left off?” It instantly made me smile. Jason, you .
  10. Today was my little sister’s 14th birthday. She has Down Syndrome and doesn’t have many friends. My boyfriend picked me up for dinner with flowers, but said they weren’t for me. He came inside and handed them to my sister. She was so excited. He then took us both out to dinner to celebrate. 
  11. Today, I am a poor student, struggling to afford groceries and all the luxuries I was accustomed to. But every time I get a letter in the mail from my poppa telling me how much he loves me, or a phone call from my best friend just because she was thinking about me, I feel like the richest person in the world - in those moments I feel like I have everything I need. 
  12. Today, my mom and dad are recovering heroin addicts. They still go to their support groups, but both of them have been clean for 17 years, since the day they found out my mom was pregnant with me. 
  13. Today, my grandmother passed away. It was really hard on my entire family. She was the glue that kept our family together through many hard times over the last decade. One of my close friends from college showed up at her ceremony. She paid her respects like everyone else, and gave me a huge hug before she left – a sincere hug that helped calm me inside. The interesting thing is, she never met my grandmother before, but she said she came today because, in her words, “Your grandmother is important to you, and you are important to me.” 
  14. Today, my biological mother is deceased due to a drug overdose when I was only 3-years-old. But today I can also proudly say I have the privilege of calling a beautiful woman, who has no blood relation to me, my Mom. She is not my stepmom or official adopted parent. She is my best friend’s mom who loves me enough to call me her daughter, and has for as long as I can remember. 
  15. Today, I got a phone call from my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She asked me why I wasn’t providing lunch for my daughter over the past few days. Confused, I hung up the phone and asked my daughter what she was doing with her lunches. She said, “Katie’s mom is in the hospital and hasn’t been able to make any meals for the last week, so I gave a few of my lunches to her.” 
  16. Today, after we all watched her blow out the ridiculous number of candles on her giant 100th birthday cake, my grandmother looked up at all 27 of us – her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and extended family – and said, “Look what I started. This family. I am so proud to be a part of your lives.” 
  17. Today, it’s been about two years since my ex-step-father tried to set my mom on fire, leaving her with burn scars on her face. Every week my little brother and I anonymously write a letter to her saying how we think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world (the truth), and we put it in the mailbox. She doesn’t know it’s us. But she cries when she opens them, and she just told us over dinner that the letters she’s been receiving are helping her look up on days when she feels down. 
  18. Today, I helped make food for the homeless. The man I was giving the sandwich to said he didn’t want it. I asked why and he pointed to his friend behind him and said, “I want the birthday boy here to have two sandwiches on his special day. It’s the only gift I have to give.” His friend was elated. People who have nothing and still give .
  19. Today, my best friend’s new girlfriend, who he’s had a crush on for a long time, finally admitted verbally that she “hates” me. He came up to me today, looking pretty upset, and told me what she said. And then he said, “So I broke up with her. Because if she doesn’t respect you, she obviously doesn’t respect me either.” 
  20. Today, I walked past a woman walking two dogs. One dog was missing a leg, but they were both limping. I asked what happened. She smiled and explained that the injured dog had lost his leg in a dog fight before she adopted him, and that her other dog oftentimes “mimics him so he won’t feel alone and different.” 
  21. Today, after he finished giving his valedictorian commencement speech at his college graduation ceremony, he walked off the stage directly over to me, hugged me for a minute straight, and said, “Thank you for adopting me when I was five, and being the biggest inspiration a child could hope to have in a dad.” 
  22. Today, while playing with my 20-month-old daughter, I pretended to be sleeping. She covered me with a blanket, patted my back, then kissed me gently on the mouth - which is exactly what I do when I tuck her in at night. How closely our children watch us, and what they learn from our actions .
  23. Today, after my two-year-old daughter, who can’t swim well, fell into our pool and began panicking, the stray dog I rescued from the pound last month, jumped into the pool and pulled my daughter to the shallow steps… all in under 10 seconds before I could make it from my lawn chair on the patio to edge of the pool. 
  24. Today, my baby sister wears her hair short, just like me. I’m fighting leukemia. My hair is short because of my chemo treatment. Her hair is short because she told my mom, “I want to be beautiful like my big sis.” 
  25. Today, I waited at my boyfriend’s house for half an hour before going home. As I angrily walked inside, I heard laughter. My clinically depressed brother, who hasn’t cracked a smile in two months, was grinning as he watched a video on YouTube. Sitting next to him was my boyfriend holding the laptop. We had a miscommunication about where to meet, but when he saw my brother sitting alone he decided to stay and keep him company. His kindness .
  26. Today, at the nursing home I work at, I watched an elderly couple eat together as they do everyday. They have been married 63 years. She had a stroke and can’t stand, eat, talk or do anything for herself. He doesn’t need to live in a nursing home, but he does just to be with her. Everyday he eats his food, feeds her, and sits next to her looking at her like he must have the day they were married. His unconditional, undying love and loyalty .
  27. Today, he’s driving to my college apartment to spend my last week of school with me. This will be the first night of the rest of our lives. After 3 years dating long distance, a 12 month deployment to Iraq, and the rest of the time spent 3 states apart due to his serving in the Army, we are finally going to be together, permanently, in one place. Waiting this long for each other, and finally getting to start our life TOGETHER makes me happy and .
  28. Today my Ex husband asked me to marry him, I said yes. We were married when I was 19, divorced later on and then our lives somehow lead our hearts back together. We are going to be married in 2 weeks, on what could have been our 16th wedding anniversary. Our children cried with joy when we told them today. 
  29. Today, when you dropped me off after we hung out, you called out to me as I stepped out of your car. You said, “Take care of yourself, okay?” and I responded with an absent-minded, “Sure.” But then your voice changed tone. “I’m serious, Jess. You’re important to me. Take care of yourself,” you repeated. You have no idea how much I needed that. Your true friendship .
  30. Today, as I was sitting on the ledge of a cliff at a park, staring off into the distance and thinking, I turned around to see a girl almost in tears but trying to slowly walk down the ledge to where I was sitting. I got up and walked up to her and asked her what was wrong. She told me she was deathly afraid of heights, but wanted to get over her fear because I looked lonely sitting by myself, and she wanted to make sure I was okay. Her braveness and kindness .
  31. Today, it’s been eight years to the day since he stopped doing drugs, cleaned up his act, and started caring for his younger siblings full time. One of those siblings is me. When my parents died in a car accident eight years ago, my 18-year-old brother stepped up, got a job, and started taking care of me and my twin sister (who were both 10 at the time) full time. This evening my brother, who is now 26, attended our high school graduation with a proud smile on his face. 
  32. Today, I broke down in front of my dad, frustrated with recently coming out to my family. I began to cry and yelled, “I’m sorry I’m gay!” He grabbed my tear-filled face and said sternly, “Don’t ever apologize for who you are. Who you are is who I love. And who you are is beautiful.” 
  33. Today, my father and I haven’t spoken much in four years because apparently I just don’t fit into his life. Earlier this week my step-dad called me worried sick because he missed my call and I left a voicemail while I was crying. He was ready to drive a couple hours to my school if something had happened. His caring, and the fact that my mom found a man who loves me like his real daughter, .
  34. Today, after years of struggling with my weight, and dealing with an overweight family in denial, my children age 5 and 7 rode their bikes and ran with me while I worked out. My wife started working out too. My kids are super excited about their upcoming races with me and their mom. Realizing that the things I do and say matter, and that we’re all in this together as a family .
  35. Today, my mother had my grandfather - my father’s father - over for Easter Sunday dinner because his wife passed away and my Dad was away on business. My mom and dad have been divorced for 13 years, but my mom didn’t want my grandfather to be alone. Her kindness .
  36. Today, I was behind a bigger guy and his wife in line for a rollercoaster. They seemed to have come with a big group of people, but I could tell he was nervous. When he fit it into the cart tears rolled down his cheeks and the entire group started cheering. It turns out he just lost 100 pounds and hasn’t been able to ride a rollercoaster for 12 years. Every person around him were his friends and they were there to support him. 
  37. Today, I was stressing out over school and work, along with a lot of personal problems that have popped up in my life lately. In the middle of the stress, I received an email from a woman I regularly babysit for. She told me that her little daughter who I babysit cut out my picture from a news article I was in and taped it to her bedroom wall. Knowing that I matter that much to her made me smile, even today.
  38. Today my best friend, who has been my best friend for over 10 years, confessed that he used to be depressed in high school. I felt like a horrible friend and asked out loud how I never picked up on it. He looked at me, laughed and said, “You probably never picked up on it because I couldn’t help but smile when I was around you. You’re the reason I made it through.” 
  39. Today, I came across my mom’s old journal in the attic. I read a few entries, and they were quite depressing. My mom has always been such a positive influence in my life, so I had no idea her past was so troubled. The final entry was written the day before I was born. I told my mom I found her journal, and asked her why she stopped keeping a journal after I was born. She said, “I found happiness. I finally had something amazing to live for.” 
  40. Today, as my 81 year old mother and I sat in the waiting area of a restaurant, the 1960’s song “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys came on the radio, and she started to smile. “What are you smiling about?” I asked. “This was our song – your dad and I, that is,” she said. “You know, your dad has been gone for almost a decade, and it’s been nearly 50 years since he and I first heard this song playing in a night club. But every time I hear it, it reminds me of that night, dancing with him on our first official date. And that makes me smile.” 
  41. Today, in a little African village where I volunteer as a nurse, I passed out food to hungry children. And since I knew her only food for the day was the slice of wheat bread I had just given her, I did not let her see me cry when she tore the slice in two and gave the bigger half to her little brother. 
  42. Today, it’s been a year since I won my court case. 14 months ago my neighbor was abusing his dog. So I stole the dog, got arrested, fought a two-month legal battle with every cent I had, and won. And now every night when the dog jumps in bed with me I know it was worth it. 
  43. Today, my dad handed me a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towel as we got in the car. He turned to me and said, “I just talked to your mom while she was on her lunch break. She mentioned her windshield got covered in bugs on the drive to work. Since we’re going to drive right by her work anyway, I figured we’d clean them off for her. It’s the little things, kiddo, which keeps love going.” By chance, while my dad was cleaning the windshield, my mom came out with her kids for recess. Her smile and seeing how in love my parents are .
  44. Today, it’s been five years since I was severely beaten by three bullies at a college party for stopping them from trying to bring a drugged girl home with them. I lost a tooth, received two black eyes and severely bruised ribs from the incident, but I stopped them. This girl was my crush for three years but had never noticed me as boyfriend material until that night. When I woke up in ICU 12 hours after I was beaten up, she was sitting beside my bed, asleep while holding my hand. Since then, we’ve been steadily dating for five years and are engaged to be married. Who says nice guys finish last? 
  45. Today, I received this text message from my fiancé: “I want this too. I want all of it. I want the pointless bickering, the long walks, the late night phone calls, the good morning texts. I want cute pictures with you, to hold your hand, to make food for you, to call you baby. The joking, the wrestling, the fights, the long ‘how I feel’ text messages on the days we aren’t on the same page. I want to be one of those inseparable best friend couples that people are like ‘you’re still together?’ That’s what I want. With you.” 
  46. Today, as she laid in her hospital bed, just before my grandmother took her last breath, she smiled and said, “Hello Charles.” Charles was my grandfather’s name. He died in 1998. 
  47. Today, on our ten year wedding anniversary, my middle school/high school sweetheart wrote me a love letter for the very first time. The final sentence reads, “I love you more every day, and I’m so proud to say we’ve been inseparable since we were dinosaurs wrecking havoc on the playground so many moons ago.” 
  48. Today, four years after I lost my hearing after making a full recovery from Meningitis, my boyfriend of seven years asked me the four-word question every girl wants to hear. But I never imagined how perfect it would look as it did when he signed it to me. 
  49. Today, I was feeling very down while heading out to a family dinner. I was in the back seat of the car with my 12-year-old brother who’s never affectionate to me. My boyfriend had just dumped me, but I didn’t want to tell my family yet. While I sat in the car with my sunglasses on to cover my tear filled eyes, my little brother looked at me a few times and then reached over and held my hand for the rest of the car ride. 
  50. Today, after dreaming about it for the last ten years, she sat down on my lap in my wheelchair with me and kissed me on the lips. And then she paused for a second, smiled and went in for another. 
  51. Today, after spending nearly 24 years of my life self conscious of being a 6’2 tall woman, and being taller than most of the guys, I fell in love and married a guy in a wheelchair. 
  52. Today, after nearly 12 years without a intelligible word spoken, my deaf daughter hugged me tight and said, “I love my daddy!” 
  53. Today, I accidentally sent a text message intended for my husband to my father-in-law. Luckily it only said “I love you.” My father-in-law sent me a really sweet reply and signed it “Love, Dad” for the first time since we’ve been family. 
  54. Today, I work at a high school as guidance counselor, and today was ‘music genre day.’ The principal and administrative staff encouraged teachers and students to dress (appropriately) in a way that symbolizes their favorite musical style. I dressed in the grunge style (a flannel shirt, jeans, and messy hair) much like I did in middle and high school. After work I stopped by the nursing home to see my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. And for the first time in almost two years, she recognized me! She said, “My sweet Katie!” as soon as she saw me. 
  55. Today, I was in Central Park trying to write a new chapter in my novel. The writing was going at a snail’s pace – I just couldn’t seem to type the right words. And I began to get frustrated and depressed. Then out of left field, an attractive woman sitting on a bench across the path from me got up, walked over to me, smiled, placed a paper on my table, and left without a word. It was a gorgeous sketch of me thinking and writing. I instantly smiled and wrote the rest of the chapter with a grin. And when I was done writing, I realized her name and phone number were written on the backside of the sketch. 
  56. Today, it’s been two years nice my mom lost her battle with cancer. She was 40 at the time and I was 13. Since then her best friend, Joy, has treated me like her own daughter. She picks me up for school 3 days a week on the mornings my dad has to leave early, packs me lunches, takes me to doctor’s appointments, talks to me about the birds and the bees, etc. Recently I told her that I appreciate it, and she replied, “There’s no reason to thank me. As far as friends go, your mom was my soul mate. And although I decided to never have kids, I have one, you. I love you like my own daughter.” 
  57. Today, it’s been ten years since my controlling, abusive ex-fiancé sold my favorite guitar which cost me $900 and took me ages to save for. He sold it on the day I dumped him. When I went to claim my things, he was proud that he had sold it to a pawn shop. Luckily, I managed to track down the guy that bought it from the pawn shop. The guy was really sweet, and gave it back to me for free, on the condition that I accompany him on his front porch for an hour and play guitar with him. He grabbed a second guitar and we ended up sitting there on his porch for the rest of the afternoon playing music, talking, and smiling. He’s been my husband for nine years now. 
  58. Today, it’s been a couple weeks since I got unexpectedly laid off two days before Christmas. Unemployment only pays me about 20% of what I’ve been making for the last five years. I had to move from a 1,500 square foot apartment into a 400 square foot studio to make ends meet. I’ve been really stressed out for many reasons, but mainly because my fiancé comes from a pretty wealthy family. I sometimes worry I don’t financially live up to her expectations. Tonight, she came to see me when she got off work. We were sitting on the couch and I asked her if she was comfortable. She immediately snuggled her head into my chest and said, “This, right here, always feels like home.” 
  59. Today, it’s been exactly six months since I took on the responsibility of caring for my 17-year-old severely autistic brother. He rarely talks and prefers to be alone. Today while I served him his favorite meal for dinner, he gave me a huge hug out of the blue and said, “Thank you my beautiful big sister!” His gesture made me cry from

Sweet Gilaaaa !


( Buat pasangan suami isteri , hayatilah kisah ini , kerana kisah ini kerana mampu menyatukan suami isteri menjadi erat & bahagia insyaAllah )

Dia duduk menghadap laptop di hadapannya. Langsung tidak menghiraukan si dia yang tengah menonton televisyen – ceramah bersama Dato Masyitah. Siaran OASIS astro itu telah pun bertukar kepada Indahnya Iman yang bermaksud akan masuk waktu ...solat. Tiba-tiba, si dia obangun dan memandang dia yang tengah khusyuk membelek laptop di hadapan. “abang, maghrib dah nak masuk. Kita jemaah ya.” Si dia yang duduk di hadapan laptop itu senyap. Tersentak sebenarnya. Mana pernah solat. Nak jadi imam?

Huh,lawak antarabangsa betul. Macam mana dia boleh kahwin dengan ustazah ini pun tak tahu lah. Salah abahlah ni, pandai-pandai nak tentukan jodoh orang. Cari yang stok tudung labuh pulak tu. Okay,salah aku juga sebab pergi teguk kencing syaitan tu sapa suruh. Okay,salah aku lagi, angkut entah mana-mana perempuan untuk hiburan. Okay,salah lagi sebab selalu je aku balik lepas subuh sebab pergi kelab dan balik mabuk.

Okay, salah aku lagi, duit syarikat abah habis aku joli kan. Banyaknya salah aku. Jadinya,abah kahwinkan aku dengan Siti Syahirah binti Hj. Amran ni. Bukan itu je, abah hantar aku dengan dia duduk dekat Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang ni. Itu okay lagi, abah ambil kereta sport aku – dan aku kena guna kereta isteri aku ni. Abah suruh aku uruskan syarikat dia dekat ceruk ni. Nak enjoy pun tak boleh, sebab ini Pulau Pinang bukan Kuala Lumpur. Enjoylah aku dengan laptop ni. Baru sehari duduk rumah ni, aku dah nak gila. Belum seminggu lagi. Kalau sebulan? Huh.

“abang dengar tak?”. Macam cakap dengan laptop tu je. “hm,saya sembahyang dekat surau.” Ek, macam mana ayat tu keluar. Huh,surau pun aku tak tahu dekat mana. Nak lari dari jadi imam sebenarnya. “saya ikut. Jap saya siap.” Si isteri telah pun hilang di pandangan mata. Aiman tersentak. Aduh,dia nak ikut pulak. Laptop di matikan. Dia duduk di sofa sementara menanti si isteri bersiap. Fikiran ligat memikir dekat mana surau.? “abang, dah siap.” Aiman memandang isterinya yang lengkap bertudung labuh saiz 60 dengan t-shirt muslimah dan seluar track-suit. Cantik! “abang..?” Aiman tersedar. “jom.” Kunci kereta di atas meja di capai. “saya bawa kereta awak, tak kisah?” tanya Aiman ragu-ragu. Syahirah senyum. “harta saya harta abang juga.” Aiman hanya mengangguk. Dalam kereta – hanya dengar radio – hot fm refleksi.

Aiman dah tak tentu arah. Syahirah yang dari tadi perhatikan itu macam nak ketawa . Rasanya asyik ulang-ulang je jalan ni. “abang,surau belok kiri tu.” Aiman hanya diam. Malu. Kereta di belokkan pada arah yang diberitahu isterinya. Mereka telah pun tiba di hadapan surau As-Syakirin. Aiman masih tidak mematikan enjin. Syahirah pun tidak keluar lagi dari kereta. Aiman melihat dirinya yang hanya ber-t-shirt dan seluar track-suit. Aduh,mana bawak kopiah ke? Songkok ke? “err,Ira..” Syahirah menoleh. Mana ada orang pernah panggil dia Ira. Pertama kali dengar. “ya?” “okay ke saya pakai macam ni? mana tahu kene halau ke nanti?” Syahirah senyum. “jangan risau yang menilai itu Allah bukan manusia. Kalau niat kita kerana-NYA,insyaAllah. Pakaian abang ni dah okay dah ni.” Aiman terdiam. Tak pernah sebelum ini dia bercakap dengan orang masuk bab-bab agama. “jom.” Ajak Syahirah. “hmm.” Enjin kereta di matikan.

Malam itu Aiman duduk di ruang tamu menonton televisyen. Teringat tadi imam itu bagi ceramah tentang solat. “solat itu tiang agama, kalau tak solat umpama kita meruntuhkan agama.” Teringat diari isterinya yang dia jumpa tadi. Ter-baca. “saya nak suami yang soleh! Ya Allah makbulkan doa hamba.” Aku tak adalah baik sangat. Kenapalah kau kahwin dengan aku. Kesian kau dapat aku jadi suami. Aku jahil agama! aku dah jauh terpesong! Seperti ada suara yang datang dalam fikirannya ‘tapi kau boleh berubah. Allah Maha Pengampun.!’ Televisyen di hadapannya itu di pandang kosong.

Berubah? Teringat juga dia amaran abang iparnya. “aku bagi amaran dekat kau, jangan sesekali berani angkat tangan kau ni dekat adik aku, lagi, jangan pernah kau buat dia menangis.” Aiman hanya mendengar amaran keras Shahir sewaktu mereka berduaan di dalam kereta sebelum ke rumah mertuanya. “..ingat! aku dapat tahu hidup adik aku sengsara, hidup kau jugak sengsara! Jangan kau buat perangai buruk kau tu . aku dapat tahu. Aku terus pergi Kepala Batas tu. Kau faham tak?” Aiman hanya mengangguk. Huh,garang! Syahirah memandang suaminya yang duduk di sofa itu. Dia senyum. Dia ke belakang Aiman dan menutup mata Aiman dengan tangannya. “cuba teka ini siapa?” kata Syahirah dengan suara yang di buat-buat macam suara lelaki. Aiman yang tengah berfikir itu terkejut tiba-tiba pandangannya gelap. Lama. Senyumnya terukir apabila mendengar suara Syahirah. “hmmm, Tom Cruise..” main-main Aiman. “salah! Tom Cruise tak reti cakap melayu!” Aiman ketawa. “hm,Hj. Amran.” Syahirah pula ketawa. “salah! Hj.Amran dekat Johor.” “ha! Tahu..tahu..Syah!” Syahirah kerut dahi. “Syah mana?” “Syahirah.” Aiman menarik tangan isterinya agar duduk di sebelahnya.Jangan MENANGIS apabila anda baca cerita ini ..:


( Buat pasangan suami isteri , hayatilah kisah ini , kerana kisah ini kerana mampu menyatukan suami isteri menjadi erat & bahagia insyaAllah )

( PART 1 sila rujuk page Aku Bangga Menganut Agama Islam )

- PART 2 -

Aiman menarik tangan isterinya agar duduk di sebelahnya.

Cepat sungguh si Syahirah ni mesra. Ingat kan stok yang pendiam. Terkejut juga tiba-tiba si isteri ini nak beramah mesra tapi saudara-mara dia ada kata yang Syahirah ini jenis yang ceria dan dia pula jenis yang boleh je ‘masuk’. “abang buat apa?” “tak ada apa-apa. Saya nak tanya awaklah..” “tanya apa?” “er..kenapa awak terima lamaran abah untuk kahwin dengan saya?” “sebab Allah.” Aiman diam sebentar. “tak faham.” “saya buat solat istiharah. Minta petunjuk dari-Nya.” Aiman senyap. Rasanya tak ada apa yang hendak di katakan lagi. Sebak tiba-tiba.

Seminggu berlalu…. “Abang,saya tak reti masak” kata Syahirah yang tengah bercekak pinggang di dapur itu. Terkejut juga Aiman.Nak makan apa kalau isterinya ini tak reti masak – hari-hari makan kedai bankruplah. Dah lah abah tak bagi duit banyak. Nak berkata sesuatu tetapi tak terluah sebab teringat ayat dalam diari isterinya. “lelaki bising perempuan tak reti masak! Habis, kalau lelaki tak reti jadi imam itu!” Walaupun ayat itu di tulis dalam diari dan bertarikh sebelum mereka bernikah lagi tetapi amat terkesan dalam hati Aiman. “macam mana ni abang?” kata Syahirah sayu. Aiman menggaru kepala. Tak tahu nak jawab apa. “tak apalah, lepas ni kita sama-sama belajar masak.”

“maaf ya abang..” Aiman senyum. “tak apa.” Aiman keluar dari dapur. Syahirah rasa bersalah. Itulah! Umi selalu suruh masuk dapur belajar masak. Buat malu je. Sedang Syahirah berfikir di bar dapur itu Aiman masuk dengan membawa laptop. “abang nak buat apa bawa laptop ke dapur?” “belajar masak guna internet.” Aiman senyum dan mengangkat kening. Syahirah senyum. “huish masin.” Komen Syahirah. Aiman mengambil gulai di hadapan isterinya itu. “abangkan yang masak ni.” Kata Syahirah lagi. Aiman rasa dan ketawa. “okay lah ni. ha,awak punya sayur campur ni tawar! Tak rasa apa-apa..” komen Aiman pula. “okay apa..” “is okay. Gulai itu banyak garam, sayur awak tak rasa apa-apa. Campur je semua. Gulai sayur.” “boleh ke macam itu?” “boleh je.” “okay..” “dah makan cepat. Nanti tak sempat nak siap pergi surau.” Aiman langsung tak sedar apa yang dia cakap.

Ajak orang pergi surau? Ajak isterinya? Huh,sejak bila jadi geng surau ni. Syahirah senyum. Dah ada perubahanlah abah ! “ustaz.” Panggil Aiman pada insan yang baru selesai mengimami solat Maghrib itu. Ustaz itu menoleh. “ya?” “saya nak…” “nak apa?” Aiman malu untuk berkata. Tapi sedaya upaya dia cuba luahkan. “anak nak apa?” “saya nak belajar agama.” Terluah juga. Ustaz itu senyum. “mari.” Selesai solat Isyak tadi Syahirah terus keluar dari surau. Lama dia menunggu Aiman di kereta.

Senyum terukir apabila melihat Aiman menghampiri bersama seorang lelaki separuh umur. “ustaz kenalkan isteri saya.” Aiman kenalkan Syahirah pada lelaki itu. Syahirah hanya senyum dan mengangguk. “baguslah. Muda-muda kahwin sama-sama pergi surau.” Aiman sentak. Walau apapun senyum paksa di beri. “Alhamdulillah ustaz, Allah beri suami yang soleh macam Aiman ni.” kata-kata Syahirah membuatkan Aiman terdiam. “Alhamdulillah, semoga kalian berbahagia hingga ke syurga.” “terima kasih ustaz.” Aiman bersuara. Ustaz itu menepuk bahu Aiman. “baiklah, saya balik dulu. Assalammualaikum.” “waalaikumsalam.” Jawab Syahirah dan Aiman serentak. Aiman duduk di birai katil dengan mata memandang Syahirah yang tengah mengemas bajunya ke dalam bagasi. “lamanya abang pergi..” Aiman tersedar. “hmm,seminggu je.” Ya,dia kata dengan Syahirah ada urusan kerja sebenarnya dia mahu ke pondok agama untuk belajar agama dengan ustaz yang dia jumpa sewaktu di surau kelmarin.

Rasanya dia perlu berubah. Sampai bila dia nak mengelak untuk menjadi imam dalam keluarganya. Sampai bila dia nak terus jahil. Sampai bila dia nak membiarkan isterinya keseorangan tanpa bimbingan seorang suami. Sampai bila dia nak terus hipoktrik mengikut Syahirah ke surau tetapi tak tahu apa-apa. Sudah tiba waktunya dia berubah.! “seminggu tu lama tauu..” lirih Syahirah. “pejam celik- pejam celik sekejap je tu..” “kalau pejam tak celik- celik?” tersentak Aiman apabila mendengar ucapan isterinya itu. Sudah, rasa berat pula dia nak tinggalkan si Syahirah ni. Aiman memandang Syahirah. “apa awak cakap ni..” lembut dan ada nada risau di situ. Syahirah ketawa halus. “gurau je lah. Abang ni cepat betul sentap.” Aiman diam. “tak yah lah kemas beriya-iya. Nanti yang lain saya kemas.” Isterinya tarik muncung. “tak mau lah, nanti kurang pahala.”

Sudah dua hari Aiman di pondok agama itu. Memang air matanya di situ asyik mengalir sahaja. Teringat dosa lampau yang pernah di buat. Ya Allah… banyaknya dosa hamba. Selesai solat berjemaah dengan rakan-rakan di pondok, dia menelefon isterinya. Salam berbalas. “awak sihat?” Aiman duduk di tangga surau papan itu. Syahirah bersuara riang. “Alhamdulillah sihat. Abang tak rindu saya ke? Dah masuk hari kedua baru nak call? Abang tahu tak saya bosan duduk rumah sorang-sorang? Saya dah dua hari tak sembahyang jemaah tau? ” Aiman hanya senyum mendengar coleteh si isteri. “..ha, lagi satu abah kata abang mana ada kerja luar, baik abang cakap abang pergi mana?” tiba-tiba suara Syahirah bertukar sebak. “..saya tahu,saya bukan sapa-sapa dekat abang, tapi tak patut abang tipu saya..” air mata Syahirah mengalir. Aiman terdiam. Syahirah juga diam. Terkejut Aiman tiba-tiba terdengar esakkan. “awak nangis ke?” Diam lagi. “awak, saya…” Syahirah memintas. “tak apa. Saya faham.” Air matanya di seka. “ abang sihat tak?” “Alhamdulillah sihat.” Diam. “Abang jangan lupa sebelum tidur baca surah Al-Mulk” pesan Syahirah. “baik sayang.” Terdiam Syahirah.

Aiman senyum je. “lagi?” “er..abang jangan lupa baca doa tidur sebelum tidur..” Aiman ketawa. “next?” “..kalau terjaga pukul dua tiga pagi, solat tahajut..” Aiman hanya mengangguk. “lagi?” “..selalu beristigfar” “okay. Lagi?” “..ingat Allah dalam setiap perbuatan.” “alright, next?” “sentiasa berselawat.” “okay.” “abang ni last.” “apa dia tu?” soal Aiman lembut. “doakan rumah tangga kita sampai syurga.” Aiman senyap sekejap. “sure.” Dari jauh Aiman telah nampak senyuman isterinya di hadapan pintu. Selesai membayar tambang teksi Aiman mengheret bagasi berodanya. Syahirah telah pun keluar menyambutnya siap bertudung. Mereka bersalaman. “Assalammualaikum,awak.” Sapa Aiman. “waalaikumsalam,abang.” Nada ceria. Syahirah bersalaman dengan Aiman. Terpegun juga dia melihat Aiman yang hanya bert-shirt kolar dan berseluar slack serta berkopiah (mungkin Aiman tak perasan).

Wajah Aiman seolah ada sinar keimanan. Sangat tenang! Aiman perasan isterinya memerhatikannya. “er,,awak pandang apa?” Syahirah tersentak. “eh, tak.. abang nampak lain.” “apa yang lain?” Aiman memandang dirinya dan baru perasan akan kopiah di kepalanya. “oh..” jawab Aiman dan menarik kopiahnya. “jom masuk.” Mereka beriringan ke ruang tamu. Aiman telah pun duduk di sofa sementara Syahirah pergi membuat air di dapur. Mata Aiman menebar ke seluruh ruang tamu. Kemas dan bersih.

Walaupun rumah itu kecil tetapi sangat selesa. Entah. Dulu tinggal dekat villa abah tak pernah rasa selesa dan tenang. “abang nah..” lembut Syahirah menghulurkan gelas itu pada suaminya. Aiman menyambut. “thanks.” “abang, nak tahu tak?”dia duduk bawah melutut depan Aiman yang duduk di sofa itu. “hmm?” Aiman merenung Syahirah. Dia sudah faham dengan sikap Syahirah yang peramah dan banyak cakap ini. Kadang-kadang macam budak-budak. “ada sinetron baru tau.” Berkerut dahi Aiman. “oh, apa benda tu?” “apalah abang ni. itu cerita drama bersiri Indonesia. Tajuknya cinta fitri.” “oh..” gelas di letak di atas meja. “kenapa dengan cerita tu?” “best.” Syahirah senyum hingga nampak lesung pipitnya. Comel! Walaupun penat Aiman masih lagi melayan. “ apa yang best?” “lagu.” Ek.. “oh.. jalan cerita tak best.?” sungguh, ini baru pertama kali dalam hidup Aiman berbual mengenai drama Indonesia. “best jugak tapi sedih.” “kenapa?” “entah. Abang nak dengar lagu tema cerita tu.?” “lagu apa?” “tajuknya Cinta Kita nyanyian Teuku Wisnu dan Shireen Sungkar” Syahirah mengambil mp3nya di almari yang terletak di ruang tamu itu juga.

Aiman hanya memerhati. “ .. haa, nah..” dia menghulurkan earphone pada Aiman. “hm, awak ambil satu..” kata Aiman dan menghulurkan sebelah lagi pada isterinya. “..er..kita dengar sesama..” teragap-gagap Aiman. “ok.” Ceria Syahirah menyambut earphone itu. Aiman menarik tangan Syahirah agar duduk di sebelahnya. Mudah untuk dengar mp3 itu. Inilah aku apa adanya Yang ingin membuatmu bahagia Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna Sesempurna cintaku padamu “saya baru download tadi..” Syahirah senyum. Aiman turut senyum.

Sungguh dia tak pernah buat benda luar alam untuk melayan lagu dari seberang. Ini cintaku apa adanya Yang ingin selalu di sampingmu Ku tahu semua tiada yg sempurna Di bawah kolong langit ini “Abang kita jadikan lagu kita nak?” Aiman diam seketika. Huh, lagu ni rasa macam nak nangis je Aiman dengar. Tak tahu kenapa. “hmmm.” Jalan kita masih panjang Ku ingin kau selalu disini Biar cinta kita tumbuh harum mewangi Dan dunia menjadi saksinya Untuk apa kita membuang-buang waktu Dengan kata kata perpisahan Kedua-dua mereka melayan perasaan dengan lagu itu. Tanpa di sedari Aiman telah melatakkan tangannya di bahu sofa dan spontan menarik isterinya ke dalam pelukkannya. Khusyuk melayan lagu.

Demi cinta kita aku akan menjaga Cinta kita yg telah kita bina Walau hari terus berganti hari lagi Cinta kita abadi selamanya… Aiman tersentak apabila terdengar azan. Pantas dia menarik earphone itu. Dia menoleh ke kiri. Syahirah dah tidur. “eeerr.. awak…” Aiman cuba mengejutkan isterinya lagi. “awak…bangun. Dah azan Asar ni..” Syahirah bangun dengan mengosok matanya. “abang saya ABC la. Abang solat lah..” Aiman pelik. Apa benda pula dia nak ABC ni. “awak, dah Asar. Kalau nak makan ABC jap lagi kita keluar.” Syahirah memandang Aiman.

“Allah Bagi Cuti. Sakit perempuan.” Aiman teragak-agak. “oh.. haa. Okay. Saya solat dulu.” Aiman telah pun bangun untuk menuju ke bilik. “abang.” Langkah Aiman mati. Dia menoleh. “doakan rumah tangga kita sampai syurga.” Syahirah senyum dan gaya menadah tangan. “sure.” “abang,saya nak cari buku masak..” Aiman hanya mengangguk dengan tangannya yang ada dua beg kertas barang yang dia beli dan Syahirah beli tadi. “..nanti jumpa abang dekat kaunter lah.” Kata Syahirah lagi dan terus berlalu. Aiman hanya senyum dan menghantar dengan pandangan mata. Aiman berjalan ke buku-buku Islamik. Terdetik hatinya tafsir Al-Quran. Aiman pergi ke kaunter pertanyaan dalam kedai buku itu.

“ada boleh saya bantu encik?” “hm, ada tafsir tak? Hmm.tafsir Al-Quran?” “maaf encik tiada stok.” Aiman senyum paksa. “okay. Thanks.” Kenapa tiba-tiba rasa sebak ni. Tiba-tiba, Syahirah datang. “ abang tak beli apa-apa?” “tak. Awak dah jumpa buku?” Syahirah senyum dan menunjukkan buku itu pada Aiman. “tadaaa… nanti kita try dekat rumah ok?” “okay.” Aiman membayar buku itu. Sewaktu mereka telah keluar dari kedai buku itu. Pekerja kedai buku itu berbisik. “wah,romantiknya mereka!” “tahu tak apa. untungkan wanita itu dapat suami yang punya lah handsome dan baik!” “mana kau tahu baik?” “tadi dia nak beli tafsir Al-Quran.” “oh, memang padanlah. Perempuan itu pun alim je.” “sweet kan. Suami dia just pakai t-shirt berkolar dan seluar slack, isterinya just pakai baju kurung dengan tudung labuh. Baju dorang warna match. Jalan pegang tangan” “superb! Romantic!” “kan Allah S.W.T telah berfirman, “Perempuan yang jahat untuk lelaki yang jahat dan lelaki yang jahat untuk perempuan yang jahat, perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik.” (an-Nur’:26) “betul-betul.”

Aiman sibuk membuat kerjanya di ruang tamu. Lama dia bercuti selepas pergi ke pondok hari itu. Justeru, banyak kerja yang perlu di lakukan. “abang..” sapa Syahirah manja. Aiman senyum. “kenapa?” “nah..” Syahirah menunjukkan sesuatu pada Aiman. Aiman mengambil dan berfikir. “birthday saya rasanya belum lagi..” “abang buka lah dulu. Saya dah ngantok. Jangan tidur lewat-lewat tau. Nanti dah masuk bilik tolong perlahankan air-cond. Nite abang. Assalammualaikum.” Syahirah nampak penat. Mana tidaknya sehari suntuk berjalan. Setelah Syahirah masuk ke bilik. Perlahan-lahan Aiman membuka balutan itu. “subhanaALLAH, tafsir Al-Quran..” terasa macam nak mengalir air mata Aiman. ‘Al-Quran, the love letter from Allah’ – isterimu. Aiman turn off laptopnya. Kertas-kertas yang bertaburan di perkemaskan. Setelah selesai berkemas bahan-bahan kerjanya Aiman mengambil tafsir itu dan masuk ke bilik. Samar-samar. Hanya lampu di sisi katil sahaja yang menyala. Dia lihat Syahirah sudah lena tidur.

Mungkin penat sangat. Aiman senyum. Dia meletakkan tafsir itu di atas meja make-up. Seluar di lipat. Aiman menuju ke tandas. Dia perlu melakukan sujud syukur kerana dia memang beriya-iya hendakkan tafsir Al-Quran itu. sewaktu pekerja kedai itu mengatakan sudah habis stok dia seakan kecewa teramat, entah. Tidak tahu kenapa perasaan itu timbul. Sungguhlah kemanisan iman itu sungguh manis. “Aiman!! Kamu nak jadi apa ha ni!” tengking Dato Rahimi merangkap abahnya. Aiman hanya tunduk. Sejak menjadi suami Syahirah dia banyak sangat mendiamkan diri. Dia tak banyak cakap.

Selepas pulang dari pondok agama hari dia tak cepat marah atau melenting. “kamu dengar tak ni?! hari tu kamu pergi mana? Kamu buat hal lagi ya? ni akaun syarikat kenapa jatuh teruk ni!” Dato Rahimi mencampak fail itu di meja pejabat Aiman. “abah, ekonomi dekat sini buat masa ini tak stabil..” Dato Rahimi memandang sinis anaknya. “bukan kamu joli kan semua duit tu?” “Abah..” “dah! Abah tak tahu kamu buat macam mana, abah nak kamu settle kan semua bil-bil ni! “ Tercengang Aiman mana dia ada duit banyak tu. “abah, saya tak da duit banyak tu.” “abah tak peduli. Kamu buat apa yang patut!” Dato Rahimi terus keluar dari pejabat itu. Terduduk Aiman. Ya Allah… tiba-tiba telefon Aiman berbunyi. Shahir. Ada apa abang iparnya ini telefon. “Assalammualaikum.” Lemah Aiman menjawab. “waalaikumsalam, weh Aiman. Kau balik rumah kau sekarang.!” “er, kenapa along?” “kau balik je!” Tersentap Aiman tatkala talian di matikan. Tak tahu pula dia yang abang iparnya ini datang Kepala Batas. Ada apa ya?

Aiman mengambil briefcasenya. Satu, satu masalah dia dapat. Laju Aiman memandu kereta isterinya itu. Hari ini Syahirah tak kerja cuti sekolah jadi dia pun cuti lah. Syahirah seorang ustazah yang mengajar subjek Sirah. Justeru, Syahirah menyuruhnya membawa kereta dia. “Along.. tolonglah jangan buat kecoh dekat sini..” rayu Syahirah. “eh, kau diam lah dik..” Aiman melangkah masuk ke rumah. “Assalammualaikum.” “hah, sampai pun kau..” Aiman menghulurkan tangan untuk bersalam dengan abang iparnya tetapi lelaki itu tidak melayannya. Aiman menarik kembali tangannya. “kenapa along?” “aku nak bawak Syahirah balik..” Sentap Aiman mendengar. Matanya memandang Syahirah yang telah pun berair mata. “..ta..tapi kenapa?” “kenapa kau tanya? Kau tahu tak? Aku pergi dapur, tak ada makanan langsung! Macam mana kau sara adik aku ha? Lepas tu, aku dengar syarikat kau dah muflis kan?!” herdik Syahir. Sebak Aiman dengar. “along tak boleh buat macam ni..” “apa tak bolehnya! Tak akan kau nak adik aku sara kau pulak! Aku ingatkan abi kahwinkan kau dengan dia kau dah berubah rupanya hampeh je.” “along,kenapa along cakap macam tu?” Syahirah yang tadi berair mata membela Aiman. “kau diam. Dah sekarang aku nak bawa dia balik dekat rumah keluarga kami!” Syahir menarik tangan Syahirah.

Syahirah sedaya upaya menarik kembali tangannya. “saya tak akan pergi! Tempat seorang isteri di sisi suami!” “hoi, Aiman. Baik kau izinkan. Tak akan kau nak biar isteri kau ni mati kebulur.!” Marah Syahir lagi. Ya Allah, tabahkan hati hamba. Habis satu masalah di pejabat sekarang masalah isterinya pula. Betul juga apa yang abang iparnya cakap. Dia nak bagi makan apa dekat isterinya ini. Memang kali ini dia muflis tersangat! “abang..tolong…” sayu Syahirah meminta pertolongan Aiman. “saya izin..” sebak. “..saya izinkan awak balik.” Terus Syahir menarik adiknya keluar. Air mata Aiman jatuh juga. Mata di pejam. “abang….” Teriak Syahirah sayu sempat menoleh Aiman yang membelakanginya. Aiman terduduk. Ya Allah beratnya dugaan-MU.....
Aiman baru selesai solat Maghrib. Sayu hatinya melihat rumahnya itu sunyi. Memang dia tidak ke surau. Rasa nak demam je. Puas dia memikirkan macam mana nak dapat duit nak selesaikan bil-bil nya. Sedang dia termenung di atas sejadah itu telefonnya berbunyi. Terus button hijau di tekan tanpa melihat nama pemanggil. Aiman terkejut mendengar esakkan di talian itu. “awak..” Esakkan itu masih lagi berbunyi. “Ira..awak..” “sampai.. sampai hati abang..” Aiman senyap. “saya buat macam ni agar awak senang…” “tak ada istilah senang kalau saya kene tinggalkan abang sorang- sorang lalui kepayahan.” “awak tak faham..” sayu Aiman jawab. Suara serak Syahirah berbicara lagi. “abang… biarlah susah senang kita bersama.” Aiman senyap. “abang,tolong lah abang. Saya nak jadi isteri yang solehah.” Aiman masih lagi senyap. Air matanya mengalir. Terharu dengan kata-kata isterinya. Di saat semua orang menyalahkannya tapi Syahirah tidak. “abang…tolong jangan senyap macam ni.. saya bersalah sangat ni..” “sayang tak perlu rasa bersalah.” Terdiam Syahirah. Ya Allah…. “abang, cuba tengok kertas yang saya tampal dekat meja study saya itu..” Aiman bangun dan menuju ke meja tempat isterinya melakukan kerja- kerja. “cuba abang baca..” Rasulullah saw. bersabda: “Mukmin yang kuat lebih baik dan lebih dicintai oleh Allah daripada Mukmin yang lemah. Segala sesuatunya lebih baik. Tampakanlah terhadap hal-hal yang bermanfaat bagimu dan minta tolonglah kepada Allah dan janganlah engkau menjadi tak berdaya.” (Muslim) Aiman beristigfar. Mata di pejamkan seketika. “sayang..abang betul-betul tak kuat..” buat pertama kalinya kalimah abang itu terluah juga. “abang, tolonglah. Saya nak berada di samping abang saat susah dan senang.” “tapi abang tak kuat nak berhadapan dengan along dan semua orang.” “abang, along hanya insan biasa. Abang ada kuasa untuk membawa saya kembali.…” Aiman hanya diam. “istikharahlah abang, minta petunjuk-NYA…. Assalammualaikum.” Syahirah dah tak sanggup nak berbicara lagi. Talian di matikan. Aiman menarik nafasnya. YA ALLAH…… lagu untuk entry ini, click lah =)

Nasihat Nabi s.a.w kepada Ali r.a Wahai Ali, bagi orang ‘ALIM itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya: 1) Jujur dalam berkata-kata. 2) Menjauhi segala yang haram. 3) Merendahkan diri. Wahai Ali, bagi orang yang JUJUR itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya: 1) Merahsiakan ibadahnya 2) Merahsiakan sedekahnya. 3) Merahsiakan ujian yang menimpanya. Wahai Ali, bagi orang yang TAKWA itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya: 1) Takut berlaku dusta dan keji. 2) Menjauhi kejahatan. 3) Memohon yang halal kerana takut jatuh dalam keharaman. Wahai Ali, bagi AHLI IBADAH itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya: 1) Mengawasi dirinya. 2) Menghisab dirinya. 3) Memperbanyakkan ibadah kepada Allah s.w.t.

“Assalammualaikum..” Aiman menoleh. “waalaikumsalam, eh ustaz.” Mereka bersalaman. Ustaz itu senyum. “baca artikel apa itu?” “Nasihat Rasulullah pada Ali.” “oh, Alhamdulillah. Dari tadi ustaz nampak kamu duduk sini. Tak balik?” Aiman senyum. “tenang duduk dekat masjid ni.” “dari Subuh tadi. Dah nak masuk Maghrib ni, isteri kamu tak ikut?” Aiman sentap. “hm,dia balik kampung.” “oh..eh, ustaz nak pergi toilet sekejap. Kamu bacalah buku ini dulu.” Aiman menyambut lembut buku nota kecil itu. Tangannya menyelak muka surat pertama. Yakin pada Allah bukanlah mengharap terkabulnya segala harapan, Yakin pada Allah adalah meletakkan keredhaan pada ketentuan-Nya, Rasa bahagia dengan ujian walaupun perit, Air mata yg menitis terasa bernilai buat menyiram api neraka, Indahnya tarbiah Allah,tersiram rahmat dan hikmah, Diuji kita sebagai tanda sayang-Nya…. Terkedu Aiman. Ya Allah… Telah dua hari dia tidak berjumpa dengan isterinya. Tipu kalau dia kata dia tak rindu pada wanita yang banyak mengubah hidupnya itu. Memang perit sangat dia rasa. Urusan syarikat pula berkerja keras dia agar dapat projek untuk membayar semua bil-bil syarikatnya. Abah memang dah tak nak tolongnya. Yelah, dulu banyak kali abah tolong, tapi dia yang mensia-siakan. Tapi itu dulu… sekarang lain…

Assalammualaikum, abang dah makan? – Syahirah.

Aiman membaca message itu dan senyum. Dia tahu Syahirah tidak mahu bercakap voice to voice dengannya. Merajuk tapi still tanya khabar melalui pesanan ringkas (sms). Comel je isterinya itu merajuk.

Waalaikumussalam, Alhamdulillah sudah. – Aiman

Lepas beberapa minit.

Syarikat abang dah okay? – Syahirah.

Doakanlah ada projek yang masuk. – Aiman

Solat Dhuha lah abang. Solat itu membuka rezeki. insyaALLAH, kalau kita sabar berdoa dan berusaha Allah akan tolong. – Syahirah.

Aiman senyum membaca message itu. insyaALLAH. – Aiman.

“Assalammualaikum, abi.” Aiman menelefon ayah mertuanya, Haji Amran. “waalaikumsalam. Aiman, kenapa ni?” nada risau. “abi,saya… saya..” tak terluah oleh kata-kata. “Aiman, abi faham. Sekarang kamu buka email kamu. Abi ada hantar satu video. Kamu hayati dan kamu fikir lah baik-baik. Bersabar ya Aiman.” “terima kasih abi.” Selepas salam berbalas. Talian di matikan. Syukur,abinya seorang yang memahami. Aiman membuka emailnya. Abinya agak moden kerana seorang dekan di sebuah university terkemuka di tanah air. Wajarlah, alongnya tak mahu adiknya Syahirah itu hidup melarat. Matanya tertala pada email versi video itu. kamu hayati dan kamu renung2kan lah. Kesian, abi tengok Syahirah. Dia sangat memerlukan kamu. Air matanya jatuh lagi saat melihat video itu. Sungguh, dia hampir melepaskan tanggungjawabnya sebagai seorang suami. Astarfiruallahalazim. Erat Syahirah memeluk suaminya saat Aiman masuk ke dalam rumah abinya tadi. Haji Amran hanya senyum melihat mereka. “abang please.. jangan tinggalkan saya lagi..” esak Syahirah. Aiman yang terkedu itu mengesat air mata Syahirah. “shhtt, abang dah datang ni. jangan nangis lagi ya.” mata mereka bertentangan. Syahirah mengangguk dan memandang abi dan uminya. “jaga dia baik-baik Aiman.” Pesan Hj. Amran. “terima kasih abi, umi..” sayu sahaja Aiman bercakap. Teringat nasihat abinya itu. Mujur alongnya ada conference dekat Seoul,Korea. Tak perlu dia berdebat dengan alongnya itu. Terima kasih Ya Allah, KAU permudahkan urusan ini. “kami balik dulu abi, umi.” Aiman bersalaman dengan kedua mertuanya itu di turuti Syahirah. “Assalammualaikum.” “waalaikumsalam.” “saya sayang abang.” Luah Syahirah sewaktu mereka dalam kereta perjalanan untuk pulang ke rumah. Aiman yang tengah memandu itu senyum. “saya pun sayang awak juga.” Syahirah senyum senang. “Ira…” panggil Aiman. “ya?” Syahirah memandang suaminya yang tengah memandu itu. Aiman diam sekejap. “thanks.” “thanks untuk apa?” “sebab awak saya dah banyak berubah.” Syahirah ketawa kecil. “bukan saya lah tapi Allah. Allah yang ketuk pintu hati abang.” “tapi kalau abang tak jumpa inspirasi hati abang ni, abang tak berubah..” kata Aiman. Syahirah senyum. “saya hanya pengantara je. Semua itu telah tertulis di Luh Mahfuz.” Aiman mengangguk dengan mata yang masih lagi focus memandu. “thanks lagi sekali.” Dahi Syahirah berkerut. “untuk apa pula?” “settlekan bil-bil syarikat tu..” “kita suami isteri kene saling membantu.” “mana Ira dapat wang banyak macam itu?” Syahirah senyap. Sebenarnya itu wang yang di kumpul sebelum kahwin lagi untuk dia menunaikan haji dan untuk kos perubatan barah hatinya yang dia rahsiakan daripada abi,umi dan along . Dia bersyukur Allah beri penyakit itu, dia rasa beruntung kerana dia akan sentiasa mengingati mati dan bertaubat atas setiap kesalahannya. Biarlah,hanya dia dan Allah yang tahu derita bahagia ini. Aiman memandang Syahirah sekilas.

“sayang..mana awak dapat wang banyak macam itu?” Syahirah terkelu. “hm,rezeki Allah.” “dari mana? Tak akan turun dari langit kot?” soal Aiman lembut. “abang, jom kita makan dekat restoran tu, lapar pula rasanya.” Syahirah menunjuk ke arah sebuah retoran di sebelah kiri itu. Aiman terus lupa apa yang dia soal tadi. Kereta di belokkan. Sewaktu makan di restoran itu mereka bertukar cerita dan ketawa. Tiba-tiba , Syahirah terbatuk. Aiman terkejut. Syahirah terkejut tangannya berdarah selepas dia menutup mulut tadi. Aiman terus menerpa ke arahnya. “awak.” Terkelu lidah Aiman sewaktu melihat darah itu. Syahirah senyum. “biasalah ni, panas tu yang berdarah tekak tu.” “kita pergi klinik.” Syahirah dah pening. “tak apa. Ni panas ni. Dah biasa.” “no… nampak serious ni.” ujar Aiman yang melutut di sisi Syahirah yang duduk di kerusi itu. Syahirah ketawa perlahan yang di buat-buat. “abang ni, panas je lah ni. saya nak pergi toilet jap.” Sedaya upaya Syahirah cuba melangkah. Kepalanya tiba-tiba berdenyut. Sakitnya Ya Allah. Aiman tak tahu nak buat apa. Hanya dengan pandangan dia menghantar isterinya itu. Sebak tiba-tiba hatinya. Ya Allah, semoga semuanya baik-baik sahaja. “abang, bangun..” Syahirah menggerakkan Aiman di sebelahnya. “..Encik Aiman, bangun..” kejut Syahirah lagi. Kenapa tak bergerak ni. Kuat Syahirah menggerakkan Aiman lagi. “abang….abang.. bangun…” Aiman membuka matanya perlahan-lahan. “hmm, kenapa sayang?” “abang,jom buat qiamullai berjemaah. Kita tak pernah qiamullai berjemaah.” Aiman duduk menghadap Syahirah. “dah pukul berapa?” “hmm, 4.30 pagi.” “jom.” Ajak Aiman. Kini, dia telah yakin untuk menjadi imam tidak sia-sia dia ke pondok agama hari itu. “..sayang ambil wudhuk dulu..” “okay.”

Sebelum turun dari katil sempat Syahirah mencium pipi Aiman. Terkejut juga Aiman. “mimpi ke reliti ni?” seloroh Aiman dan memegang pipinya yang di cium tadi. Syahirah hanya ketawa halus dan masuk ke bilik air. Selesai berqiamullai dan membaca doa Aiman bersalaman dengan Syahirah. “abang,saya nak minta maaf kalau saya ada terkasar bahasa dan menyakitkan hati abang.” Seperti biasa Syahirah akan sentiasa memohon kemaafan pada suaminya selepas solat. “..halalkan semua makan minum.” Aiman menarik Syahirah dalam pelukkannya. “abang pun nak minta maaf tersalah kata dan menyakitkan hati awak. Abang, minta halal juga semuanya ya.” dahi isterinya di cium. “Allah makbulkan doa saya untuk dapat suami yang soleh.” Kata Syahirah dan senyum. Aiman hanya senyum. “hm, nak ikut abang Subuh dekat surau tak?” Syahirah geleng. “boleh ea abang. Saya nak sembahyang dekat rumah je. Letihlah.” Aiman mengangguk. “oklah. Nanti abang belikan sarapan.” “okay, saaaaayang abang !” lirih Syahirah dan senyum. “sayang awak juga.” Aiman memasukkan keretanya ke dalam porch rumah selepas pulang dari surau. Sebelum keluar dia mengambil plastik yang mengandungi dua bungkus nasi lemak. Aiman keluar dari kereta.

PRRRANGGGGG!!!!!!!! Terkejut Aiman mendengar pinggan pecah. Terus dia berlari masuk ke rumah. Aiman ternampak kelibat dua orang berbaju hitam dan bertopeng. Pantas dia cuba mengejar dua makhluk yang pecah masuk rumahnya itu. Dia berlari ke dapur. Terkejut Aiman sewaktu dia ke dapur. Darah berlimpahan. Isterinya. “Sayang !!!!” jerit Aiman melihat Syahirah yang menahan sakit akibat di tikam dengan pisau. Aiman cuba mencari dua orang kelibat tadi, tapi malangnya ada orang telah menerkup mulutnya dengan kain yang mengandungi bahan kimia yang membuatkan Aiman tidak bernafas dan pengsan.


Aiman terpisat-pisat bangun. Kepalanya seakan sakit. Sewaktu mata terbuka dia terdengar suara orang yang hendak masuk ke rumah. Matanya beralih ke kiri. Ya Allah. “sayang..” Aiman memangku Syahirah yang lemah itu. Entah macam mana dia boleh memegang pisau. Aiman mencampakkan pisau itu. “ha, ini tuan yang membunuhnya!” terkejut Aiman tatkala anggota polis masuk ke dalam rumahnya. “bukan saya.” “dah bawak dia. Cuba periksa nadi mangsa.” Tangan Aiman bergari. “bukan saya!..” Aiman terkejut melihat abahnya juga turut di disitu. “Abah! Bukan Aiman!!! Abah!!” anggota polis itu membawa Aiman keluar rumah. Abahnya hanya menggeleng dengan air mata berlinangan. “kalau kamu tak suka dia pun janganlah sampai macam ni…” sayu abahnya berbicara. “bukan Aiman bah!!” Sewaktu keluar. Memang dah ramai orang di luar rumahnya. Aiman memandang abi,umi dan alongnya. “abi, bukan saya, umi!!” meronta-ronta Aiman. “sedangkan orang gila tak mengaku dia gila, inikan kau yang waras nak mengaku kau bunuh adik aku!” herdik abang iparnya yang mata merah mungkin sebab menangis. Aiman cuba meronta. “bukan saya! Abi!! Umi!! Percaya saya..” “cepat bawa dia!” arah alongnya. Ya Allah dugaan apa yang KAU berikan ini. Ya Allah izinkan hamba dapat berjumpa dengan isteri hamba. Ya Allah…………. Semoga dia selamat. Air mata Aiman jatuh tika pandangan rumahnya makin hilang. Sayang… Bantu hamba Ya Allah……… Haji Amran melawat menantunya di penjara. “abi..percayalah saya..” Haji Amran senyum. “sabar Aiman, kebenaran akan terungkap, bersabarlah..” “abi, macam mana keadaan Syahirah?” Haji Amran senyap. Air matanya bergenang.

Sebak dadanya. “abi kenapa dengan isteri saya?” Haji Amran hanya senyap dan senyum terpaksa. “bersabarlah Aiman, berdoa banyak-banyak. Doa itu senjata muslim gunakan sebaik- baiknya.” Haji Amran bangun dari kerusi itu. “abi,jawab saya abi. Syahirah macam mana?” mengalir air mata Aiman tatkala ayah mertuanya tidak menjawab soalan. “abi,kene pergi dah ni. banyak-banyakkan bersabar. Ingat Allah sentiasa. Assalammualaikum.” Haji Amran terus keluar dari bilik itu. Lemah lutut Aiman mendengar kata-kata abinya itu. Ya Allah, hamba tak kuat….. “abang, cuba tengok kertas yang saya tampal dekat meja study saya itu..” Aiman bangun dan menuju ke meja tempat isterinya melakukan kerja- kerja. “cuba abang baca..” Rasulullah saw. bersabda: “Mukmin yang kuat lebih baik dan lebih dicintai oleh Allah daripada Mukmin yang lemah. Segala sesuatunya lebih baik. Tampakanlah terhadap hal-hal yang bermanfaat bagimu dan minta tolonglah kepada Allah dan janganlah engkau menjadi tak berdaya.” (Muslim) “Encik,saya nak sejadah dan tafsir Al-Quran..” kata Aiman pada warden yang menjaganya itu. Alhamdulillah,sepanjang dia di penjara itu. warden-warden di ditu berlembut dengannya. Terima kasih Ya Allah, KAU melindungi aku. Aiman membuat solat sunnat. Selepas itu dia membaca Al-Quran. ‘Al-Quran, the love letter from Allah’ – isterimu. Air matanya terus mengalir sewaktu membaca ayat-ayat suci itu. Basah tafsir itu dengan air matanya. Allah…

Belajar DIAM dari banyaknya BICARA Belajar SABAR dari sebuah KEMARAHAN Belajar KESUSAHAN dari hidup SENANG Belajar MENANGIS dari suatu KEBAHAGIAN Belajar KEIKHLASAN dari KEPEDIHAN Belajar TAWAKKAL dari UJIAN Belajar REDHA dari satu KETENTUAN..

“Alhamdulillah.” Berulang-ulang ayat itu keluar dari mulutnya. Haji Amran hanya senyum melihat wajah menantunya itu. “bebas juga saya abi..” kata Aiman. “Alhamdulillah, Allah tunjuk kekuasaanNYA dengan anggota polis yang menemui kain yang menerkup kamu itu dan dompet perompak yang tercicir itu.” Aiman senyum. Terima kasih Ya Allah. “abi,jom jumpa Syahirah.” Bicara Aiman ceria. Haji Amran tersentak. Dia hanya mengangguk. Aiman duduk di bahagian sebelah memandu. Abahnya telah berangkat ke umrah, sebagai tanda bersyukur Aiman tak bersalah. Aiman hanya senyum sepanjang jalan. Tak sabar hendak bertemu isterinya. Rindu. Hampir sebulan dia tak bertemu. Haji Amran berhenti di hospital.

Aiman terkejut. “abi, kenapa di sini?” “turun dulu Aiman. Jom.” Ajak Haji Amran. Aiman hanya menuruti. Sewaktu tiba di depan wad Aiman terkejut melihat ramai orang. Dia merenung dari luar sebuah bilik itu. Dia nampak abang iparnya dah duduk menangis. Dia nampak uminya tengah menangis. Dia nampak doctor. Perlahan Aiman melangkah ke arah bilik itu. “maaf, dia tak dapat di selamatkan.” Lemah lutut Aiman dengar. Bukan. Salah ni. Aiman menghampiri katil itu. “barah hatinya dah kriktikal, effect. Dia tak dapat nak survive. Bersabarlah.” Kaki Aiman hampir di tepi katil itu. Ya Allah… Air matanya cuba di tahan. Sakit! Dia lihat Syahirah baring tenang di atas katil itu. Aiman mengangkat sedikit kepala isterinya itu dan di kucup dahi isterinya lembut. Selepas itu, kakinya sangat lemah. Ya Allah beratnya ujian ni.. “TAK!!!!!” jerit Aiman dan terduduk. Dia menangis. Haji Amran menenangkan menantunya itu. “sabar Aiman…bawa mengucap.” “bukan Ira abi..bukan dia…” tangis Aiman. Haji Amran mengusap bahu Aiman. “dah di tentukan ajalnya..” sebak Haji Amran.

“tak…tak…bukan dia..” sayu Aiman mengungkap. Sekali lagi dia memandang wajah jenazah isterinya itu. Sakit. Ya Allah sakitnya rasa ini. Sakit sangat! Kenapa Ya Allah. Syahirah………. Air mata lelakinya deras mengalir. video cinta kita – click sini =) “lagu apa?” “tajuknya Cinta Kita nyanyian Teuku Wisnu dan Shireen Sungkar” Syahirah mengambil mp3nya di almari yang terletak di ruang tamu itu juga. Aiman hanya memerhati. “ .. haa, nah..” dia menghulurkan earphone pada Aiman. “hm, awak ambil satu..” kata Aiman dan menghulurkan sebelah lagi pada isterinya. “..er..kita dengar sesama..” teragap-gagap Aiman. “ok.” Ceria Syahirah menyambut earphone itu. Aiman menarik tangan Syahirah agar duduk di sebelahnya. Mudah untuk dengar mp3 itu. “Abang kita jadikan lagu kita nak?” Aiman diam seketika. Huh, lagu ni rasa macam nak nangis je Aiman dengar. Tak tahu kenapa. “hmmm.” kenapa harus begini…..

Aiman menutup buku agama yang di bacanya itu. Buku itu di letak di sisi katil. Pelipisnya di gosok. Ya Allah. Sedar tak sedar hampir masuk setahun setengah Syahirah pergi menemui Ilahi. Sungguh, hampir 5 bulan dia cuba kembali ke reality. Abah dan abinya puas meredhakan hatinya. Puas mereka menghantarnya berubat. Waktu itu, hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu bertapa sedihnya dia kehilangan orang yang di sayangi dalam sekelip mata. Benarlah, ajal maut ketentuan tuhan. Akhirnya, dia akur. Setiap hari tak pernah dia lupa untuk membacakan Yassin untuk isterinya. Isterinya yang solehah. Inspirasi Hatinya. Aiman turun dari katil dan keluar dari biliknya. Kini, dia kembali tinggal bersama abah dan mamanya di villa mereka. “Aiman, nak pergi mana?” Dia senyum. “ma..” Aiman menghampiri mamanya dan di cium tangan wanita itu. “nak keluar.” “pergi mana malam-malam ni?” soal abahnya pula. Aiman bersalaman dengan abahnya pula. “hm, pergi masjid. Aiman pergi dulu. Assalammualaikum.” “waalaikumsalam.”

Aiman meletakkan kereta sportnya di hadapan masjid itu. Senyumnya terukir. Dia keluar dari kereta. Kaki melangkah masuk di pintu utama masjid. Setelah berwudhuk. Aiman melakukan solat sunnat masuk masjid. Setelah itu dia melakukan solat sunnat taubat dan solat sunnat yang lain. Selesai melakukan solat dia membaca Al-Quran pula. “Assalammualaikum.” Sapa seorang lelaki separuh umur. Aiman memberhentikan bacaannya. “waalaikumsalam.” “anak musafir ke? Dah lewat malam ni.” Aiman senyum. Dia tahu dah hampir 12 tengah malam. “saya ingat nak tidur sinilah pak cik.” “oh, kalau begitu pak cik balik dulu lah ya.” Aiman mengangguk. Setelah hampir satu juzuk Aiman baca matanya sudah mahu terlelap. Aiman menyimpan semula Al-Quran itu ke rak. Sejadah di ambil untuk di jadikan bantal. Aiman membaringkan badannya. “Abang jangan lupa sebelum tidur baca surah Al-Mulk” pesan Syahirah. “baik sayang.” Terdiam Syahirah. Aiman senyum je. “lagi?” “er..abang jangan lupa baca doa tidur sebelum tidur..” Aiman menadah tangannya untuk membaca doa tidur. Ya Allah, rindunya hamba pada dia. Air mata Aiman mengalir. Dia baring mengiring ke kanan. Mata cuba di lelapkan. Tiba-tiba, mata Aiman terpandang seseorang. Sayang. Aiman bangun. Dia menghampiri Syahirah yang senyum memandangnya dengan siap bertelekung. “sayang..” Aiman menggenggam tangan Syahirah. “jangan tinggal abang lagi.” Tangan itu di kucup. Syahirah hanya senyum dan menarik tangan Aiman agar mengikutinya. Lemah lutut Dato Rahimi dan isterinya sewaktu mendapat berita itu. Cepat mereka bergegas ke masjid yang di katakan pemanggil itu. “tu lah Dato. Malam tadi saya jumpa dia sebelum arwah meninggal. Dia kata nak tidur masjid. Saya ya kan je lah. Tak tahu pula saya yang ajalnya dah makin tiba.” Sebak Dato Rahimi mendengar. “terkejut saya pagi tadi melihat dia tidur. Saya kejutkan dia untuk bangun Subuh tapi tak bergerak-gerak, tu saya suruh orang check nadi dia. Dia menemui Ilahi.” Mengalir air mata isteri Dato Rahimi. Ya Allah, semoga roh anak kandung dan menantunya di bawah rahmat-MU. Al-Fatihah.

The Sims 3 Seasons

Let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day, bob for apples in the autumn leaves, test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe, or welcome spring showers with a walk in the rain and a colorful umbrella. All-new activities, like soccer, and big seasonal festivals and celebrations bring the spirit of each season to life. Your Sims can pucker up at the kissing booth at the spring festival, or see what Halloween surprises await in the haunted house. Dress for the weather with seasonal fashions from sun dresses to raincoats and snow gear. With new foods, décor and weather effects, your Sims can enjoy the bounty and beauty of the ever-changing seasons and play with life like never before!
Let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day, bob for apples among the autumn leaves, test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe, or welcome spring with a colorful umbrella and a walk in the rain! From all-new activities like soccer to unique seasonal festivals, your Sims can enjoy the bounty and beauty of the ever-changing seasons!
Delight your Sims with new activities for every season:
Whether building an intimate igloo, carving a scary Jack o’ lantern, taking a plunge off the diving board, or setting off all-new fireworks, your Sim can always find new things to do throughout the year.
Join the fun with seasonal festivals:
Sims can get in a snowball fight at the annual winter festival, get their faces painted at the summer festival, whoop it up at the spring dance, or bob for apples during the fall festival.
Experience the joy and challenge of changing weather:
New weather effects and Sim reactions capture the power and beauty of nature! Sims can get a tan, be struck by lightning, or catch a cold!
Bring the outdoors inside:
Your Sim can now learn the recipe for pumpkin pie or style their home with new furniture and décor. There are a host of new items to ring in each season. Get a tanning booth in time for summer, or ring in the holiday spirit with house lights and decorations.
Dress for the weather:
Outfit your Sim in new styles for the season, including snow gear, raincoats and umbrellas, and new Halloween costumes!
Relax in Style in the Ice Lounge Pre-order The Sims 3 Seasons Limited Edition and receive the exclusive Ice Lounge community lot. This sleek and elegant social club can be placed in any world from The Sims 3, and is available in all seasons. It is a great place for your Sims to chill on a hot day or get out of the winter wind. The venue includes new ice objects that can be placed on any lot to make your Sims’ lives just a bit cooler.

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